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innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated "business" ideas..

Web Services

e-Commerce, CMS, Corporate, CRM

We website design company that specialise in design and web optimisation. Our experience and fresh approach to website design ensures that all of the websites that we produce not only look great, but most importantly, work hard for your business. Unlike most web design companies, we believe that we can offer our clients the complete solution.

Premium websites An innovative design built by our in-house web designers incorporates a user friendly layout, encouraged lead generation, high search engine rankings and most importantly, great customer service.

Title Image The market for web applications continues to grow at a rapid pace. Position your company to meet this demand by attaining a Web Development competency. You can use the tools, training, resources, and support you’ll receive to deliver web applications that win customer confidence and accelerate sales. And you’ll have access to internal-use software that can help you develop innovative solutions based on the latest technologies.

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99.99% up time

Our talented design team will create a bespoke homepage design to your brief from scratch, ensuring that they incorporate your key business USPs as well as highlighting to your customers why they should choose your products or services. Your dedicated designer will also research, select and include professional imagery that is relevant to your industry. Plus, to ensure that your website is SEO friendly and ready to perform in the major search engines, our team will build your website using the most up to date coding techniques.

Custom Website Design services feature fully bespoke website visuals with imagery, brand colours, structure, layout and calls to action tailored to meet your specific business marketing strategy. Your website will be built to your project brief using the latest industry standard coding techniques.

Client Satisfaction

SCustomer satisfaction matters. Otherwise, Gravitia wouldn't be here. Our customers demand timely, accurate solutions as part of the overall customer experience. Agents are a huge part of the equation, but adaptable, responsive, and easy-to-use technology empowers them to excel. With all the features and tools we always deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience, service and support solutions offer the empowering technology behind customer satisfaction.

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Research & Development

Software, Applications, C-S model..

offers a full spectrum of fully integrated R&D services. From addressing tactical or technical issues that need immediate attention, to developing long term strategic programmes. We can be working alongside a small engineering company at the same time as providing outsourced R&D to a large multi-national corporation, helping each to solve their specific problems.

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starving for innovation

we help organisations identify market needs, invent profitable ideas to meet these needs and identify the technology required to make the ideas happen. We utilise dynamic, well-established brainstorming techniques, together with specialist in-house expertise. Of course this doesn't happen overnight. It takes time — time and the right people. Which is why we have carefully put together teams of highly skilled professionals who can draw out, define and prioritise possible ideas.

We Love What We Do & so will you

Often organisations can have too narrow a focus to recognise new opportunities or solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems, but we at Pera Technology have a panoramic view, and can identify exciting technologies that can be successfully transferred from one sector to another.

At Gravitia, we work with you to identify and develop ideas that can galvanise your business, helping you stay that vital step ahead of the competition or identifying less competitive, more profitable markets for your company to target.

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we have the skills and experience to develop custom mobile business applications. In most cases, the mobile application will be connected to another web-based administration application used to monitor and manage mobile staff.

iPad, Android, Symbian, windows

Smart phones and PDAs can create amazing opportunities for many businesses to improve their operations, project management and staff productivity. The benefits are more impactful where the staff spend a considerable amount of their time on the road or at customer sites. Our team is experienced in developing iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows-based mobile applications.

Now is the time to take your company mobile through a dedicated & branded application. Remember, while you are thinking about it, your competitors are doing it - so don't delay - take action today.

Marketing Strategy Advice

Social media, web based, on feild

Whatever business you are in, you can be sure that your competitors are trying to steal a march on you. To get ahead, it pays to keep an eye on what they are up to. Read our guides to find out what to do when a new competitor opens up near you, how to respond when rivals drop their prices and discover ten ways to get ahead of the competition.

a competent team which has extensive experience in handling open source projects on Java / J2EE / Java EE. The team has successfully developed various applications right from ecommerce, Portals, Intranet systems, Content management systems, Internet applications to the current trends that include Web 2.0 and SaaS. The technical expertise on Java practice includes, but is not limited to these: java, ajax,hibernet, xhtml, framework,apache/tomcat, reporting tools etc....

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full development service

To get the most from the web you must have a website that lives and breathes your brand and the message you wish to communicate. With experience and skill, Gravitia can combine the correct web design elements to produce the much needed synergy between design and functionality. At every step we focus on your goals, and how best to achieve them through cutting edge technology, design and development.

Website template design and development for the main and inner pages, Graphics elements development, Macromedia Flash animation development (optional), SEO, Optimization.

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We designs and develops e-commerce solutions and websites aimed at converting your client’s casual browsers and visitors into actual customers. The plans offered by us in this area are strategically planned and include features like functional designing, database configurations, creative and innovative ranges of graphic designs, payment interfaces and gateway integration, virtual shopping carts and hosting implementation..

Digital Business Services

Our web developers provide custom programming for projects of any difficulty from corporate web sites to e-shops and complex e-commerce projects using both Microsoft based technologies like .NET, C#, ASP.NET, DNN as well as Open Source Technologies too like PHP, MySQL, Java, J2EE, Mambo, CFML etc...

It includes web site design (or redesign), application integration, usability testing, etc. The basis of a modern dynamic web site is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you to manage web site content structure, texts, navigation, banners and other, and to make information updates if necessary without any special knowledge or technical skills.

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