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CSR Principals

Green Earth

Our sustainability principles guide our operations and practice now and into the future. Together with our organisational values, they call us to act wisely as community and global citizens. We understand sustainability is about improving the quality of life for each and every one of Earth's inhabitants, in a fair and equitable way, for present and future generations.

a) " Treasure hunts " to identify untapped opportunities to reduce waste and energy use.

b) Encouraging employees to create personal sustainability plans or otherwise incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives.

c) Earth Day fairs where organizations set up booths to engage and educate employees.

d) Employee award and recognition programs that reward measurable environmental improvements or demonstration of best-in-class practices.

The idea that enlisting staff in sustainability efforts is an effective way to achieve environmental and social goals, as well as to improve recruitment, retention, and the bottom line isn’t brand new. But after field testing at leading organizations in recent years, it’s starting to gain a foothold at mainstream companies. A recent sustainability study by Green Research found that 80% of major corporations are planning to invest significantly in employee engagement in 2013.

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As the volume of enterprise data skyrockets, an industry is growing up around using this flood of information to help companies operate more efficiently and sustainably. Companies increasingly will be deploying sophisticated software as a key component of their sustainability strategy.

As application inter-operability and cloud computing become new IT standards, expect sustainability applications that harness big data by integrating with existing business systems to become commonplace.

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